"TX5AQ (special callsign) has already been allocated. Will be used in CQ WW WPX SSB contest (may be several hours ahead for testing purposes). Jacek will use the new version of the multi-band vertical SP7GXP antenna and a separate 80m antenna. A real risk of the project lies in the travel restrictions associated with COVID. Some news will be available in this section, however internet access from Rimatara Is. will be sporadic. Austral Islands count as a separate country for DXCC."


"I have been informed that Air France cancelled my flight from Warsaw to Paris, the only one providing feasible PCR Covid test schedule on the way to Polynesia. Looking for a spare solution aiming a stop-over in Paris for the tests."

Jacek SP5EAQ


"Some remarks for Europeans: the propagation from here is unpredictable and since my signals are usually faint I am difficult for ATNOs. I think that for Eu stations the best choice is to check the vicinity of 14195 or 14 200 early in the morning (even earlier than LP VK/ZL are available). I am working there every day. My signals can come in quite a wide angle but with your antenna facing NW or N might be a good starting point for northern Eu (where propagation is much better for OH and SP than for the others). The western part of Eu has a much worse level of signals here and is hardly readable. Sometimes single Italian stations are quite strong but maybe they are using long paths, who knows. Prediction shows a good 17m but it seems not to be true. During thunderstorms noise is terrific and all stations except JA, VK, and ZLs are below the noise level. Some Ws are 9+ here in the top propagation time (also on 10m!). Unfortunately I cannot hear anything on 80m while 40 is quite usable."

Jacek SP5EAQ


"Jacek has decreased activity due to health problems. There is no doctor on the island, but everything indicates a strong allergic reaction."

Marek SP7DQR


"Jacek is QRT. He made 4738 QSOs as FO/SP5EAQ and 833 QSOs as TX5AQ during WPX Contest."

Marek SP7DQR